White Brush Strokes

    April 1-3, 2022
Meet The Makers

Put it on the calendar.....don't miss our inaugural Arts Festival in the beautiful Barossa Valley celebrating creativity, colour and culture through live art demonstrations at over 30 different pop-up Art Exhibitions in boutique wineries, cafes, restaurants, open artist's studios and galleries.

April 1-3 Meet The Makers, then for the entire month of April visit over 30 pop-up art exhibitions scattered amongst the various towns of the region.

Book yourself into a variety of amazing artist led workshops and immerse yourself in creativity in a wide range of art forms. More info coming soon!

Book your accommodation now at: www.barossa.com

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INCLUSIVITY STATEMENT: Inclusive Tourism is about reducing uncertainty around what to expect from a destination or service.

For our Barossa Arts Festival we aim to create an environment where all people feel welcome and included.


We aim to provide accurate information on our venues and facilities which creates choice and instils confidence in all people, hopefully empowering them to sign up for new experiences and have them returning year after year!  

We endeavor to embrace the entire community of travellers with our event. We wish to enhance tourism experiences for people with physical and emotional disabilities, the elderly, young families and people from all cultures. We are passionate about strengthening the tourism industry by being inclusive for everyone.

We always welcome constructive feedback for ongoing improvement of our festival so please let us know how we can make your experience even better!