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ART EDUCATION - Art Training For Educators (Teachers, Early Childhood Staff, SSO's, Parents, Homeschoolers)

An arts-rich education from an early age develops individual creativity and self-expression. School-based arts participation can increase learners' confidence and motivation, thereby improving school attendance rates, academic outcomes and the well-being and life skills of children and young people.

As a qualified Secondary Visual Arts/Design teacher and casual Relief Teacher myself I realise that many Junior Primary and Primary Teachers I meet lack the training and therefore skills and confidence to include meaningful art lessons in their classroom programmes. Many remember very negative experiences around art in their own childhood educations.

In many cases unfortunately this means that Art is given minimal attention (apart from the odd Youtube "how to draw..." video) or a wide berth completely. I know speaking to many teachers and teachers still in training that this is something they would love to change but they haven't had the exposure or opportunity to do so.

Art is such an important subject that allows for so many benefits for the student and the teacher. As we know everyone learns differently and presenting ideas and concepts in a visual form often has more impact and provides opportunities for problem solving and decision making that many other subjects don't offer and this uses and develops different areas of the human brain. It also enables some students to feel a great sense of achievement and confidence that they may not experience in other areas of their education.

With a focus on mindfulness and educating the whole person, Art education is vital to our overall well-being, the understanding of our world around us, history, other cultures and gives us another form of communication. It can also be very beneficial physically for things like hand-eye co-ordination, mobility and recovery from injury and trauma.

For these reasons above I am passionate about providing a very positive, hands-on art training experience to all educators so that they too will have the confidence to create and inspire their students to create.


Our 4 hour training involves a very practical approach where you get step by step instruction and experience in such areas as acrylic and watercolour painting techniques, drawing, perspective, relief printmaking using several techniques, sculpture. All tasks are using commonly found materials in your school rather than expensive art materials. You'll receive a variety of detailed lesson plans ready to implement immediately for JP, Primary and Middle-school students covering the basic elements of Art and principles of Design and aligned with the Australian Curriculum.


I believe you learn best through practical experience, watching a demo then having a go yourself. This then gives you an example to show your students too. A "PD Certificate Of Attendance"will be issued to all participants. Click here to see our Event Calendar to view our next PD Training for educators.

I am also available to implement and over-see school  or community art projects, on site staff training workshops and Art Mindfulness Sessions of varying durations. Enquire about our special pricing for groups.

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